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Design Concept Portfolio


Withinteriors specializes in creating unique interior design concepts personalized to your style and budget for homes of any size in any location 

View our incredible residential creations below


Beth & Mike

Let’s call it a day:
This busy family deserves a place to come home to and feel rejuvenated after a long days’ work, school and sports. A wonderful relationship with this family began with creating a basement family room designed around previously purchased valances being used in another space that I recommended using in the new family room, ultimately freeing up future design options for the spaces on the main floor no longer tied to these valances. Beth & Mike loved this idea given they had spent a fortune on the custom-made valances. Pleased with my design concept for the family room, Beth and Mike hired me to design the main floor including kitchen updates, dining room, office, and living room. Because the cabinets and countertop were not changing the design was inspired by those items resulting in sophisticated but comfortable spaces featuring a variety of texture and earth tones, interesting lighting and functional furnishings.


Taryn & Paul

Out with the old – In with the new:
I began working with this young couple soon after they signed a contract for a new kitchen renovation. I reviewed their plans and helped them to arrange the floorplan in a way to better to suit their needs as well as advised them on other features for the kitchen. The main purpose for hiring me was to create a design concept born from the would-be kitchen to extend into the open concept living room, dining room and children’s playroom. The concept I created met their desire for a modern farmhouse appeal while incorporating many of their existing items such as the sofa and piano. My design pushed Taryn and Paul to consider paint colors and design goods they otherwise would not have and were amazed at how I was able to capture the vibe they were searching for but not able to quite achieve on their own. Among my many talents, Taryn and I recently painted a piece of existing furniture together for their foyer transforming it into a relevant piece now cohesive with the remaining design. Taryn and Paul executed my design concept by purchasing everything I specified and are currently awaiting the completion of the kitchen renovation in order to put together all of the other spaces. Working with this family was an absolute pleasure and soon I will be returning to tackle their daughter’s room.


Teresa & Brian

When 2 worlds collide… Teresa and Brian both lived independently for some time and decided to join forces under one roof combining their possessions, cats, and all that entailed (no pun intended lol). An eclectic mix of furniture styles, outdated draperies and wall colors and an assortment of various art ensued. Teresa and Brian hired me to make sense of it all, and it began with some changes in the kitchen. The design I created took its inspiration from the kitchen cabinets and countertop that could not be changed, but the wall color and the backsplash, lighting and furnishings could. Changes that occurred in the kitchen drove decisions for the design in the dining, living room and hallway. The living room presented its own set of problems, it was long space, and the layout was awkward with the location of the fireplace for placing a tv in the room. The problem was solved with built-in bookcases flanking the fireplace. The new built-in provided a space for the tv on the right side and created a more efficient and functional use of the space, not to mention, it looks gorgeous and is the focal point for this room. Upstairs an outdated master bathroom and bedroom required a much-needed revival, but again, the layout and fixtures in the bathroom could not be changed. The perfect paint color was specified that instantly updated the bathroom and was also used in the bedroom which created a sophisticated and inviting look.  Some new furnishings combined with existing pieces made for a lovely retreat for this couple.



Jocelyn & Chris

Two families become one:
Joining hearts and hands Jocelyn and Chris melded together their families and belongings. Although they thinned out lots of stuff, they wanted some of their prized possessions, like Jocelyn’s dining table, and her grandmother’s wall mirror, to be part their new home but in a modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing manner. The existing kitchen put forth many challenges with its high ceilings and ultra-modern aesthetic not quite in line with Jocelyn and Chris’s style. But, because the cabinets and counters had to stay, the design was inspired by this space. A beautiful custom counter height table was made for turret style dining space. The perfect wall color was chosen that would spill out into the dining and living areas creating a sophisticated, beautiful and cohesive design palette from which wallpaper, art, lighting, accessories and new furnishings were specified and ultimately purchased, including a fireplace to add drama and appeal to the room. Fortunately, navy blue was a color Jocelyn and Chris both liked as it became a pivotal color for the design concept and best solution for the to the kitchen’s blond cabinetry and black countertops. Jocelyn and Chris were thrilled with the outcome and could never have imagined what I dreamed up for them.