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For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by interiors. I recall visiting a bank with my Gramma at a young age and being in awe of the imposing giant marble columns, the shiny marble floors, the dark ornate millwork of the teller's counter, the echo of the hollowed space. I recall a visit with my father to his friend's home and being completely enamored by the double wide zebra chaise lounge, the full mirrored wall and shaggy white area rug. From a young age I studied interiors without conscience attention, experiencing it, noticing it, relishing it, dreaming of it. So much so, I would draw floorplans as I was so fascinated by the way people navigate spaces. I was nine years old. I dream in color and can visualize spaces in 3-D in my mind. I often see the finished product in my head before you, the client, sees it on paper. A lot happened between my youth and adulthood. Influenced by my parents, a career in any form of the arts was not on the table of legitimate pursuits. I was guided down a path considered more practical by many only years later to happily exit and begin anew where my passion lies, interior design. I returned to college and obtained a second degree, a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design at the age of 44. I had never felt so connected academically, vocationally, and personally. I arrived! 

You may be wondering how the name Withinteriors came about. I had been searching for a quote that described how I feel about the significance of interior design in people's homes. And then, I found it... "What surrounds us is within us," by T.F. Hodge, this perfectly summed up my thoughts in a few words, born was Withinteriors. "What" surrounds us reflects who we are from the inside out, it reflects what we like, how we feel, and how we live in our spaces. Truly, "within your home resides your story!"

Because I believe everyone should have homes they feel good in, rejuvenated in, and inspired by, I developed a unique approach to interior design focusing on accessible and affordable design solutions. As a Withinteriors client, you will receive a professionally created and compelling design concept personalized for your space in a style reflective of who you are from within. This easy-to-follow concept serves as the guide and the goal for the project. It includes inviting visual vignettes of each space with elements like paint color, flooring, window treatments, lighting, furniture, and art and accessories layered on the same page so you can envision what the space will look like. Links are provided enabling you to purchase items directly avoiding the traditional markup system. Withinteriors' unique business model makes interior design affordable and efficient and allows you, the homeowner, to control purchasing according to your budget and schedule. I have access talented and qualified licensed contractors should your project require them, as well as collaborative relationships with a CT based flooring, kitchen and bath centers should these services be needed. 

I am deeply passionate and enthusiastic about design and the details show in the concepts I create. My total attention is focused on harmonious, aesthetically pleasing, and functional design solutions to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. I view each project as a unique puzzle I must solve; I am ready to work with you and I am equipped with a lifetime of natural talent backed by professional training and experience, and not to mention a friendly, often comical, and supportive personality. 

I am a CT native and reside in Lebanon, CT with my wonderful husband Phill of 30 years and two adorable poochies, Abbott, our senior dachshund and Miss Mia the mischievous mutt. Our son Ian resides in Colorado where he promotes environmental causes. I enjoy shopping - of course! gardening, comedy, art, theater, painting, travel and time spent with friends and family, and I dabble in photography. My favorite summertime drink is sangria and Mediterranean food. I love classic rock music from the 70's, Farmall tractors, and the smell of the air after it snows, the sounds of loons on a pond in Maine, the crunch of Fall leaves under my shoes, peep frogs in the Spring, hiking, sunsets all year round, and sunny days driving around in my little white convertible with my husband. 


“Within Your Home Resides Your Story, Start Your New Chapter Today!

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